What is milliAMP?


Your Generac generator requires consistent care and maintenance.  Without these, your investment in electric reliability is at serious risk. With milliAMP, Pyxis Energy helps keep your Generac generator in excellent working condition, allowing you to enjoy the comfort and security it provides for years to come.


Did you know that your Generac home standby generator can earn you money?  Through organized programs offered through your local utility or grid operator, you can earn cash back for your participation.  Pyxis Energy brings over 60 years of energy industry experience to the relationship.  Let us help you take advantage of these earning opportunities while also saving you money on your electricity and natural gas.


With milliAMP, Pyxis Energy does not simply manage your annual preventive maintenance.  We monitor your Generac home standby generator to ensure it is always available. Any fault states or issues with your unit are reported to us, and we will proactively notify you so action can be taken to get your unit back up and supporting your home or business.


If you’ve already purchased and installed a Generac home standby generator, Pyxis Energy can still help you!  Depending on the year and series of your generator, you may qualify for the Pyxis milliAMP service.  Find out how you can protect your generator with milliAMP and make sure it is ready to support your home or business through the next power outage.

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