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Alternative Market Power

has combined the reliability of a Generac generator with competitive energy products and services, bringing our customers a new way to save money while also protecting their livelihood.

When the power is out, be the business that is there for its customers. Let Pyxis Energy help you shield your business from serious financial risk with clean, reliable power…available to you always.  Little money down, no financing, and no maintenance required.  Pyxis Energy works with you to keep your lights on, your customers happy, and your business open. It’s electricity insurance for your business!

Would you rather buy direct or finance your Generac generator solution? No worries, we offer direct purchase and financing options as well! Pyxis can even customize your purchase to include benefits from all of our purchasing solutions.

Why Alternative Market Power?

  • AMP offers your business affordable distributed generation as a service with no money down.
  • Reduce electric costs by strategically adjusting your energy usage profile to avoid high-priced, peak demand hours.
  • Electricity will always be available to your business so you can service your customers, even when the power is out.
  • You don’t have to worry about closing your doors due to storms, natural disasters, or power infrastructure failures.  You will always be open.
  • Spoiled perishables, point-of-sale failures, and computer outages are no longer a risk for your business.
  • Help do your part to stabilize the local power grid during peak usage times.
  • 16-750kW single Gensets and multi-megawatt paralleled solutions.
  • Pyxis AMP generators are EPA certified and burn clean natural gas or liquid propane.

What people who have worked with us have to say

You guys are really on the cutting edge, and I give you credit for your new cool, energy brokerage offering! I’m going to let all my customers know about Pyxis’ new service.

John H.
John H.

As a small business owner I often feel overlooked by the big energy companies. Pyxis treats me like a Fortune 500 company with their services and products.

Mike K.
Mike K.

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